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How does the Free Trial work?

Our site will prompt you to enter payment information to sign up for your trial period. You must enter a valid credit card to process your trial and membership sign-up. There is no cost at the time of sign-up. Having this information on file allows us to provide you with a seamless transition into a paid subscription if you wish to continue.

How do I continue with my membership after the trial?

If you enjoy your Yoga International trial, you don't need to take action. Your membership will automatically continue for as long as you choose to remain a member.

What does a membership include?

  • 3000+ on-demand yoga practices ranging from 3-90 minutes

  • 700+ meditations to hone your mind and reach your potential

  • 100+ breath practices to help you center

  • 2700+ articles to expand your knowledge

  • 300+ courses and challenges to help your journey

    How much does Yoga International cost?

We offer 2 membership options.

Our monthly membership option

Our annual membership option - a 30% savings!

  • $169/year USD, equivalent to only $14/month USD

  • Automatic 20% member discount on select premium trainings

You can see a comparison of our plan options here.

Can I cancel anytime?

If you do not wish to continue, you can cancel your membership anytime within your trial period or before your next renewal date. Cancel online using the self-serve cancel path, available 24 hours a day, or contact the Member Support team. They are available via chat Monday through Friday, 9 am-5 pm EST.

Please have a look at our Terms of Service for more detailed information.

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