You must also be aware of your payment scheduling. The payment will be based on the threshold that you have selected. You can either be paid when your locked earnings meet a minimum payment threshold or on a fixed day of the month. Impact recommends setting up a minimum payment threshold in case a locked payout has a delay or arrives late.

To set up your payment preferences, in the top navigation menu, select Balance → Bank Account.

Next to Payment Scheduling, select when you want to get paid.

  • If you choose the minimum payment threshold, select what amount you want to be your minimum from the drop-down menu. This threshold can be as low as USD $10 or as high as USD $250,000.

  • If you choose the fixed day, select either the first or fifteenth day of the month to be paid on from the drop-down menu.

Withdrawing your account balance:

Once you reach a minimum balance amount, you can withdraw your Impact account balance and send it to your bank account or PayPal account. Impact requires a minimum balance of $10 USD (or the approximate equivalent in your local currency) before you can withdraw your account balance.

You cannot get paid without setting up how you want to receive your money. In the top navigation menu, select Balance → Bank Account.

  • Next to Payment Method, select how you want to be paid.

    • If you select Electronic Funds Transfer, you'll need to fill in some bank details.

    • If you select PayPal, you'll need to enter the email connected to your PayPal account. There will also be a 2% processing fee that is capped at $20.

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