Completing the Brand Partner/Ambassador application form on Impact is the first step to get you set up in our programs.

Here are some key steps for creating your account:

  1. Find the appropriate application form here.

  2. Create your username and password. Your username must be under 20 characters and your password must be at least eight characters and contain at least one number and one symbol. Remember to save your log-in information!

  3. For the company name, enter your full name.

  4. For partner type, please put “social media/influencer.”

  5. Under property type, click “websites” and “social networks,” or just click “social networks” if you don’t have a website. This is where you’ll enter your social media web addresses.

  6. Read through the agreement to find the terms, invoicing structure, and payout schedule.

  7. Click “Sign up.”

  8. From here, you should be directed to an “Application Completed” page that says, “Please activate your account.”

Please allow us two to three business days to review your application and answer any questions.

Still need some help? Watch this quick video that shows you how to fill out your form:

Still have questions? Please visit our Help Center or use the blue chat icon located in the bottom right corner of any page on We’d love to support you!

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