Your voice and influence as a YI Brand Partner is incredibly impactful. Together, we’ll help open doors for anyone and everyone seeking to add movement, meditation, and mindfulness to their lives. We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you and to see you and your community thrive! By sharing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness, you’ll not only earn revenue, but contribute to making yoga more accessible and inclusive for folks of all sizes, ages, genders, ethnicities, and levels of ability, regardless of their location!

Ideally, we want you to share your first-hand experience. Unlike some partner programs, we don’t expect you to fulfill a contracted number of posts, and we don’t need to pre-approve your captions or content. We chose you as a Brand Partner because we love your personality, your style, and your voice. This means we trust you to share about Yoga International as much as you’re comfortable with, and in the style that you think will resonate with your followers right away.

Here are just a few ways Brand Partners can incorporate YI into their feed:

  • Share what has helped or benefited you. For example, why mindfulness is important to you and/or how the convenience of practicing online has improved your life.

  • Host your own virtual practice party by inviting up to seven people to be your guests at any pre-recorded class on our website. You’ll be able to practice together in real-time in your own private classroom!

  • Check out our schedule of daily MoveTogether: Live classes and post a time-lapse video of yourself practicing along.

  • Explore our courses and share something that you’ve learned or gained from them with your community.

  • Lastly, stay in the loop about upcoming special events and other YI initiatives by following along on our Instagram.

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