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Start Brainstorming

Our YI Creators are constantly building up their offerings, knowing they are in a position to help thousands of people with just one course. Ask yourself: What do I know? What am I passionate about? What am I interested in? What does my community want to learn about?

Many Creators have taken their popular weekend studio workshops and used them as a palace to get started. Our suggestion is to start with a workshop that you’re confident in teaching and promoting to your community. Build a strong foundation and use it as a springboard to your next Creator course!

Engage with YI

Tag us in your content on social media (@yoga_international) and start using the hashtag #YICreator. We are building a community of creators and we want to connect with you.

What happens when I apply?

We will send an email to welcome you into our Creator Community, review your application, and let you know (within 14 days) whether we are ready to move forward with a course. Even if we aren’t immediately moving into our innovative, self-serve production process with you, we’ll invite you to grow as a teacher and presenter by joining our Creator Coaching program.

What happens when I get accepted as a YI Creator?

Once accepted, our Community Relations Specialist will work with you to set a launch date and finalize all the important details we need to get your course live and get you paid. We’ll provide best practices for presenting your course, as well as marketing, recording, live streaming, and following up with your students.

How much money can I make?

That question is yours to answer. The Creator Community is what you put into it, and we are here to help you along the way. Plus we pay you 80% of all sales of your courses!

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