How do I get recorded content onto my course page?

You’re ready to record and upload content for your course? Great! We truly cannot wait to see it.

First, our tips for creating and editing:

  1. Offer “home friendly” options for props at the beginning of the practice. Blankets, along with strap and block alternatives, are excellent recommendations for students.

  2. Welcome students, state your name clearly, and give a verbal introduction (or reintroduction) to your course. Keep it short and sweet, but make sure to give every attendee a chance to reconnect with you and your offerings.

  3. The easiest way to shoot your class these days is on your phone. That being said…

  4. You must have good audio! We recommend a wireless body mic to pick up everything you are saying (most especially needed if you are demonstrating during the practices).

  5. Record your class straight through, speaking slowly and leaving pauses.

  6. For easy editing, try iMovie on a MAC or FilmoraGo and/or WeVideo if you are on Windows and/or Android. You can add a title screen with your name and the title of your course, as well as your YI Creator logo (found here in our Creative Assets).

  7. Do NOT use music. You probably don’t have the rights to use it.

  8. Consider adding an end screen at the end of your video. A farewell with, perhaps, a bit of guidance on how to find you and connect again.

And now, how to upload your content so we can get it onto

  1. To upload your content go to the YI Creator Video Upload homepage. Be sure you are logged in to your account that is associated with your application and Creator course builder. Only approved Creators will be able to access the upload page.

  2. Please be sure you are connected to wifi if you are uploading content from your phone. Large files will require a large amount of data and can take quite some time to upload as well. The time of your upload will depend on your internet speed as well as the size of the file you're uploading.

  3. Once the content has been created, you can upload a video, PDF or audio file.

  4. Uploadable video and audio content formats include: .3gp, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .flv, and .wmv

  5. Files encrypted with Widevine, PlayReady, or Fairplay DRM cannot be uploaded.

  6. All content must be VERY specifically labeled so we can find it easily, assign it to your course, and place it in the appropriate place within your course outline. We ask that you label all updates as follows: Your Name - Course name - Section number - Title of the recorded content. Here are two great examples of how a recording might be uploaded: this course by Ellen Mosko and a course with Kathryn Templeton

  7. You’ll need to select your class type from the following list (but don’t overthink it, as your content should have a description within the course page):

a. Meditation & Inspirational Practices

b. Beginner Classes

c. Level 1 Classes

d. Level 2 Classes

e. All Levels / Open Classes

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