To help get you started, we've created our new Community Partners Program Resource Center. This recourse center has some imagery for you to use as well as some templates you can use as a guide when creating email marketing for your studio members.

Use your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest) to advertise your online studio. Additionally, you could create a blog post or a section on your website dedicated to your new online practice space! Don’t forget to include your referral link, found in your Impact account, in any digital marketing campaigns you send/post.

If you're wanting to test out your links before posting them, please be sure to do so in an Incognito window to avoid any confusion. This will allow you to see the link as a new user would see it rather than how you see it with your own Yoga International account linked in your browser's cache. If you're unfamiliar with how to use the Incognito window function, please reference the article below to find the steps for your specific browser.
How to go Incognito

Print cards, brochures, or flyers advertising your new online studio benefits. Include a QR code (scannable by an mobile device) that links potential followers to your online studio using your unique tracking link.

Reach out to your local news channel or favorite media outlet to help spread the word about your new online studio in your community. If this is digital media, be sure to remind the publisher to include your unique tracking link in the article.

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