**If after you've submitted your About Me blurb on your application you'd like to update your bio, please reach out to our support team with your name, studio/teacher name, and updated blurb. Once we've received your request we'll submit the changes to the team and they should be updated within a day or two. As always if you have any questions you can use our chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page to reach out to our support team for more assistance. 


1. Think short and sweet overall! Aim for less than 200 words.

2. Keep paragraphs short in order to make your information easier for students to digest.

3. Be on the lookout for repetition: Say what you need to clearly and directly so you only need to say it once!

Languaging and Voice:

1. In accordance with YI’s core-values of inclusivity and body-positivity, please avoid language that is body-shaming or objectifying (including references to weight-loss or language that elevates certain types of bodies over other bodies).

2. In general, we recommend keeping your language simple and accessible. Define potentially unfamiliar terms (such as yoga styles, Sanskrit terms, anatomical language, acronyms/initialisms or anything that might sound like “jargon” to newer students). Avoid opening and closing your blurb with long, complex sentences. Use the active voice unless you have a specific reason not to.

3. We recommend writing your blurb in the first person (or first-person plural for studios). That means using I/me and we/our language, which can often come across as more friendly and relatable to readers (not a requirement, just a suggestion!)

Information to include:

1. If you are a studio, mention where you’re located so that your students can easily differentiate you from other studios with the same or similar names. Include a link to your studio/teacher webpage and the handles for any professional social media accounts that you’d like to direct students to.

2. The number one thing students will probably want to know is what they can expect from your classes. For most students, this will be more important than a list of your credentials, education, or experience (though feel free to include that information as well if you feel it will resonate with your intended audience!) 

Your current students will want to know how your online offerings may be similar to your in-person offerings, and new students who come across your classes will want to know what to expect in general. This information could include, but is not limited to:

  • The styles of yoga/movement that you offer. 

  • The levels and intensity of the classes you offer. (e.g., whether you offer classes for beginners, experienced practitioners, etc. and whether or not students can expect to “break a sweat” in some or all of your classes or not).

  • The ways in which students can benefit from your classes.

  • The overall “vibe” or “feel” of your classes (e.g., will it be clear to students if your classes are more fitness-focused? More spiritually-oriented? More educational/anatomical? More therapeutic in nature?)

Most importantly:

Be yourself! Write your “about me” blurb in a way that feels authentic to you and/or your studio’s personality and mission! Remember that while any teacher or studio will not be the right fit for everyone, that you are the right fit for your students, and this page is a great way to help them find you!

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