To upload your content go to the Community Partners Video Upload homepage. Be sure you are logged in to your partner account. Only approved community partners will be able to access the upload page.

Select a title for the class

Tips: It is helpful if your title makes the following things clear. Here are some optional things to consider as you title your class: 

  • What is the energetic effect of the class? (ie. Energizing Morning Flow ) 
  • Is there an appropriate time of day to take the class? (ie. Relaxing Evening Yin) 
  • What is the yoga style of the class? (ie. vinyasa, kundalini, restorative)
  • If submitting multiple classes in a series, be sure to differentiate between each individual class. 
  • It’s helpful to spell check before you hit submit! 

*Note there will be no individual class descriptions, so make your title as descriptive as possible!

Provide the name of the teacher in the class

Select your class type       

  • Meditation & Inspirational Practices
  • Beginner Classes
  • Level 1 Classes 
  • Level 2 Classes 
  • All Levels / Open Classes 

Choose File

Please be sure you are connected to wifi if you are uploading content from your phone. These large files will require a large amount of data and can take quite some time to upload as well.

Video requirements for uploading content:

For more assistance view our Content Questions FAQ here:

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