To upload your content go to the Community Partners Video Upload homepage. Be sure you are logged in to your partner account. Only approved community partners will be able to access the upload page.

Select a title for the class

Tips: It is helpful if your title makes the following things clear. Here are some optional things to consider as you title your class: 

  • What is the energetic effect of the class? (ie. Energizing Morning Flow ) 

  • Is there an appropriate time of day to take the class? (ie. Relaxing Evening Yin) 

  • What is the yoga style of the class? (ie. vinyasa, kundalini, restorative)

  • If submitting multiple classes in a series, be sure to differentiate between each individual class. 

  • It’s helpful to spell check before you hit submit! 

*Note there will be no individual class descriptions, so make your title as descriptive as possible!

Provide the name of the teacher in the class

Select your class type       

  • Meditation & Inspirational Practices

  • Beginner Classes

  • Level 1 Classes 

  • Level 2 Classes 

  • All Levels / Open Classes 

Choose File

Please be sure you are connected to wifi if you are uploading content from your phone. These large files will require a large amount of data and can take quite some time to upload as well. The time of your upload will depend on your internet speed as well as the size of the file you're uploading. 

Troubleshooting and Tips:
While we are not able to offer individualized troubleshooting or guidance for how to best film/upload your new content we have compiled some helpful tips and troubleshooting from our Video Production team for our partners who may not be familiar with this process. 

There are many different programs and sites that will assist you in compressing or converting your video files so we recommend you search for the option that best works for you, however, we do encourage you to read the terms of the service carefully to ensure their practices are in line with your needs. As a good starting point, one program our team recommended was Handbrake. If you're not familiar with programs like Handbrake, they offer a great About Handbrake section in their help docs. We recommend reading through their docs for helpful information on this program and to familiarize yourself with these types of programs if you're not already familiar. 

We typically use mp4 format for videos, however MOV is also compatible. We recommend keeping your file size at or under 7GB, which should fit just over an hours worth of class from a video recorded on a newer smartphone.

Internet speed is the biggest factor in your video uploading in a timely manner. You can test your internet speed by using Google's speed test in this page form their help center:

The longer your upload takes the more chance you have for an error to occur in the file upon upload. Additionally, because the file can take quite some time to upload, please be sure your file is in fact fully uploaded before closing out of the page and moving on.

If you're looking for assistance on content, view our Content Questions FAQ here:

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