As an added resource for our partners we have created a Video Guidelines sheet, which you can view in our Video Guidelines FAQ

Do we have rights to our classes that we put on your platform?
A: You keep rights to your content and can do anything you want with it. By uploading it, you agree to allow YI to stream it. See the terms of uploading that are part of the video upload process.

Would we be able to stream through your platform or will we need to record classes to be uploaded to your site?
A: All of the content will be pre-recorded and then uploaded to your community home page for your students to view. 

Can I upload classes in a language other than English?
A: Yes, right now we are open to classes in languages other than English. We are a US based company with predominantly English speaking employees so the communication we provide will be in English, however, if you are more comfortable teaching in another language we are currently offering the ability to do this. As this is a new program, and we are a small team, we cannot guarantee this is something we will be able to continuously offer but we are excited to broaden the language offerings in our classes.

Can we use music in our classes?
A. No, we are unable to upload any classes with music in them due to the varying nature of copyright laws. 

Can I create and upload content using just my smartphone and computer?
A: Yes! 

What equipment do you recommend for filming content and how do I use it?
A: Purchasing additional equipment is not required but some equipment can help improve the quality of your videos. 

If you are shooting content on a smartphone, we recommend using a tripod. Here is a link to a tripod that our video production team recommends

If your filming space is limited and you are having trouble getting a wide enough angle on your phone, you might want to consider an attachable wide angle lense. An example can be found here  

Make sure your filming space is well lit by using light bulbs around 3000 - 4100 Kelvin. These bulbs will produce a whiter light which is ideal over a lower Kelvin bulb that will produce a more yellow hue. The chart below illustrates color temperature in Kelvin.

If you would like to get a dedicated lighting setup for filming, we have provided a link to one that our video production team recommends

If you are filming in a room with windows and natural lighting, we would suggest filming with the windows either in front of you or to the side if possible. If you plan to use a lighting kit you would use the lighting kit on the opposite side of you. With this setup you would then have light coming in from both directions which is ideal. Please avoid filming with windows directly behind you as that would create a silhouette of yourself on camera. It is also recommended to try and keep mirrors out of frame if possible as they make the shot too busy and distract your viewers. The drawing below illustrates the placement of filming equipment, lighting and yoga mat.

We are anticipating the majority of audio to be recorded directly to the phone, tablet or camera that the content is filmed on. However, if you are using a phone and you are interested in getting equipment to improve your audio, you can search for "Phone Shotgun Microphone" or "Phone Boom Microphone" to find suitable audio equipment. Our video production team recommends

If you're in need of a wireless headset or lapel mic, this microphone might be able to help you out: It seems to connect to your laptop via the auxiliary port and can either be used as a headset or lapel microphone. The headset option should be great for avoiding clothing rub during your class!

If you are filming content on a phone, the microphone would plug right into the headphone jack. If you are filming on a video camera, you would just need to make sure there is an input for an external microphone. We recommend that you do some tests before filming an entire class.

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