We are all in this together, and we remain committed to sharing the practice of Yoga. Yoga International understands the uniqueness of this global situation as uncertainty around the impact of COVID-19 continues. 

In order to best support yoga studios’ and teachers’ transitions  to online, we’ve facilitated this program; here are the terms and conditions for uploading content on YI.

Uploaded content is owned by you, the content provider. Providers can choose to use this content in any way they see fit. By uploading content, the content provider is granting YI unlimited rights to stream the content in perpetuity. This is your intellectual property and you retain IP ownership. Further, by uploading on this platform, you are certifying that you are the sole owner of the content you are uploading.

YI can exercise sole discretion on what gets published and streamed; there is no guarantee that uploaded content will be streamed, and YI exercises sole discretion to remove any content deemed inappropriate. Providers can use Yoga International's name and likenesses to promote their presence on yogainternational.com.  Providers will receive technical and/or marketing support at onset and can inquire with YI for any additional needs to ensure the success of their own online yoga portal on YI. The affiliate agreement is managed and administered through a third party and has its own terms and conditions.

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