We are excited to offer this new program and to do so we needed a partner of our own. We've partnered with Impact to offer the ability for you to share in the profits of the memberships you generate, however, we understand that sometimes the language that's provided can be confusing. We've taken the most frequently asked questions we've received in response to the contract and answered them below. If the question you have is not listed below, please use the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page and we'll get your questions forwarded along to our team for review. 

What does it mean that the winner of free trial then cascades to last click?
This is going to be very rare, but in the unlikely event that multiple partners refer the same customer, the one that was last will be the one that gets credit.

Does the Referral Window information mean that we only get paid for those who sign up for YI within a 30 day window?
The tracking for your students lasts 30 days from when they click your link. If they complete the signup process for a free trial within 30 days they will be counted towards your referral window. They do not need to pay within 30 days, just complete the signup process.

What does it mean that actions are locked 1 month and 15 days after end of month they are tracked?
This means you will get payment 45 days after user payment, at the lastest. This timeframe allows to to verify the payment was not captured for some reason (i.e. refunded, refused, unsuccessful, etc.) before we close the partner payment. 

What does the Credit Policy "Last Click" mean?
n the unlikely event that multiple partners refer the same customer, the one that was last used by the customer will be the partner that receives the credit.

What are the currency options?
We pay our partners in USD.

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