Step 1:
Get started by following your signup link to the Impact signup page. If you did not receive a signup link, you can sign up here: Impact Sign Up 

Step 2:
Fill out the form on the signup page - there is a video below to help you with the walk through as well, please note however, the video does not have sound. 

  1. Your Information section will be your own personal information and you will create your user name and password for your Impact account in this section.

  2. Company Information will be your studio or teacher profile information 

  3. Partner Type will be "Other"

  4. Property Type will be "Social Network" - you will need to link to your chosen social media profiles. 

  5. Review the AGREEMENTS and GENERAL TERMS sections at the bottom of the page, and download the Program Terms. Submit your form by clicking the “Sign Up” button.      

Step 3:
An email verification message will then be sent to the address with which you signed up. Please confirm your email address within 5 days of submitting your application. Once your email address is verified, a member of our Partnership team will review your application.

Step 4:
Once your application is approved, you will be able to start promoting Yoga International using your unique link. 

  1. Use the drop "Ads" down menu on the top banner of the page

  2. Select "Ads & Links"

  3. Click "Get Code" (see image below) to access the HTML code you will need to insert (copy and paste) into your - webpages, emails, etc.  

You will have access to your Impact dashboard to track your campaign progress in real time.

Step 5:
Earn money in return for each conversion made from your link based on the terms indicated in your contract!

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