We're so excited to hear that you're interested in our new Community Partners program. We want to help support you and your students in making yoga accessible no matter where they may be.  

The first step to getting started is to go to the homepage for the program here:

When you fill out the initial application you'll be asked to provide an "About My Business" blurb. Please add any details you'd like posted for your studio members to see. If you need some guidance we've created our How to Write an "About My Business" Blurb FAQ for you to reference.

The next step is to set up an account for yourself on Impact to be eligible for our partnership profit sharing. You can view the details in our Impact Onboarding Guide FAQ and can get started on Impact here: https://app.impact.com/campaign-promo-signup/Yoga-International.brand?execution=e1s1

Once your application has been received and your Impact account has been created you'll receive a message advising you that you're ready to upload videos. We've created an article, How to upload your content, that will walk you through the steps as well as some troubleshooting tips. For more in depth resources we also offer our Video Guidelines and Content Questions FAQs as well.

After you've submitted your video(s) our team will work to build your specific partner page where your students can find all of your unique content. This may take several business days however, we will reach out to notify you as soon as your page is live on our site.

While you wait...
While you wait for your page to be published, you can get your students practicing with your unique link from your Impact account. To help you promote your new content we've created a helpful marketing guide for you. Our Marketing Guide article will walk you through some tips and resources to help you get started.

Thank you again for your interest and patience with us while we grow together. We are so excited to be able to partner with studios like yours to help make yoga accessible to so many, especially during these uncertain times. If you need additional support while you wait, there are resources within the Community Partners Program collection in our Help Center as well as the chat function found in the bottom right corner of this page. 

For a more detailed walk through of how to start the program, check out our Community Partner Program Signup Walkthrough Video below:

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