If you are not currently a member and are looking to join with our annual membership, please log into your existing basic account and then use the link below to sign up with this offer.

If you are an existing member, who's membership is billed monthly directly through the website and you would like to upgrade to an annual membership, you can do so directly through your Membership Settings in your account.

Once you select to upgrade, you'll be asked to confirm your upgrade, and you'll need to select "Upgrade to Annual". Immediately following your opt in, the card on file will be billed the prorated rate for your membership based on how many days into your current month you are that day. 

If your payment does not go through you will be notified and your membership will remain billing monthly. If you'd like to update your card details, you can do so by scrolling below your membership information and entering in your new information in the Update Credit Card section of your Membership Settings.

If you're billing through a 3rd party biller such as an app store and are interested in opting into our annual membership, you will need to cancel through the 3rd party biller and use the link below to sign back up once your cancellation is finalized.

Your annual membership will be billed at a discounted price of $119.88 USD in one lump sum for the first year. This is a savings of 50% from our month to month rate. The annual rate then goes up to the regular price of $199 USD for the next year until you cancel. This is equal to two months of savings from our month to month rate ($16.59/mo=199/year vs $19.99/mo=$240/year).

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