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Learn how to resolve issues with access denied/blocked anti-virus errors.
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It may seem a bit scary to try accessing our website at and be greeted by a different page, link, or message claiming our website is suspicious or potentially malicious.

We can assure you with 100% confidence that there is no threat of data loss or the possibility of downloading viruses when accessing Yoga International.

What to do when this message comes up

You can continue to our site by clicking the button that says something similar to "Click here if this website is safe" or "Click here if blocking this page is a mistake."

Update your virus protection database

Another helpful thing not only to allow access back to our page but also to protect you further would be to update your virus protection software often.

New viruses are created and unleashed every single day. Make sure that your anti-virus protection software is running and up to date! Not only will it protect you as you continue to access the web, but some older versions of anti-virus may flag specific sites as untrustworthy. If you update your software, they may no longer give you issues as you try to access your favorite pages.

I've tried all of that, and I still get an issue.

If you still are denied access to Yoga International, and nothing seems to work, please use the troubleshooting tips below:

  • Log out of your current session and clear your browser cache and cookies before your next login.

  • You can also do a hard refresh of your browser by holding down the shift key while you click the refresh button at the top of your web browser.

  • We recommend using either Safari operation iOS10 or higher or the most recent version of Google Chrome as your web browser when viewing our site. They are the best equipped for every aspect of our site experience.

We care very much for the security and privacy of our customers. We would NEVER attempt to steal customer data or upload viruses onto our website.

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