To access the Yoga International skill for Amazon, first you'll need to download the Amazon Alexa app. You can download the app on any device that has access to the Amazon app store, Google Play store, or Apple app store. For more information on how to download and use the Amazon Alexa app, visit the Amazon Support Center

Once you've downloaded the app, follow the steps below to activate the Yoga International skill on your Amazon Alexa:

  1. Launch the Alexa app and click the three small lines in the upper left hand corner of the app to reveal the app's menu.

  2. Select the "Skills & Games" option.

  3. Search for Yoga International in the search bar and click into the skill.

  4. Click "Enable" to activate the Amazon Alexa Yoga International skill.

  5. Once you've enabled the skill, select "Settings" and follow the "Link Account" path to link your Yoga International account to your Amazon Alexa skill. * To get the most out of our Amazon Alexa skill, you will want to link your active paid membership. If you do not have an account, or would like to upgrade your basic account to a paid membership, you must do this by visiting*

  6. When you follow the "Link Account" path, you will be taken to the mobile website for Yoga International and will be prompted to sign in with your email address and password. Next, select the orange "Link Account with Alexa" button.

  7. Once you've successfully linked your account you will get confirmation of the successful account pairing and some suggested next steps.

Now you're ready to use the Yoga International skill for Amazon Alexa! 

Using your Yoga International skill for Amazon Alexa

Now that you've linked your Yoga International account, you can access the Alexa skills a few different ways. You can access the Yoga International skill for Alexa either on your Alexa device or through the Alexa app on any compatible device. These options give you access to our meditations anytime you want and anywhere you go. 

Common commands to use and their responses: 

  1. "Alexa, open Yoga International." - Alexa will respond "Welcome to Yoga International! Would you like to meditate, take a guided relaxation, or a yoga nidra?" Just tell Alexa which skill you would prefer and she'll automatically pick one from the category you selected.

  2. You can also tell Alexa to play a specific category and/or time limit. For example "Alexa, tell Yoga International to play a 30 minute yoga nidra practice." and Alexa will choose one of our 30 minute yoga nidra practices. We have practices lasting 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes so you can ask Alexa to play a meditation for any of those time limits.

  3. "Alexa, tell Yoga International I'm ready to meditate." - Alexa will select a meditation to play for you.

  4. "Alexa, ask Yoga International for today's mediation." - Alexa will play the meditation of the day for you.

  5. If you ever find you need assistance, you can always say "Alexa help." and Alexa will offer some suggestions for how to use the Yoga International skill for Amazon Alexa.

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