Your membership lets you save content to the My Library section of your account so you can easily find it again.

  1. First, sign in to your Yoga International Account.

  2. Click on your profile icon at the top right of our website to access the drop-down menu.

  3. Click on the words "My Library," which will take you to your Library of courses, challenges, meditations, and more!

  4. From here, you can click into whichever category you need.

You can also access your Library from the left-hand side menu of your homepage.

How do I add content to my Library?

  1. Choose the content you want to add.

  2. Click the three dots located in the mid-left of the class card.

  3. Click add to Library.

Follow the same steps for all content types. Classes, Meditation, Pranayama, and more!

Note: There is no way to add courses to your Library. Once you complete one entire module, the course will automatically add to the Library. There is also no way to remove a course from your Library.

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