First, sign in to your Yoga International Account. There are two different ways to access your courses on our site.

Using the Drop Down Menu:

Click on your profile icon, located at the top right of our website. Click on the word "My Courses", which will take you to your courses page. Finally, scroll down to see all of your paid and/or members courses.



Using the Courses Tab:

Once signed in, click the Courses tab at the top of the screen. Once that page opens, the first section below the search bar will be titled My Courses.

This section will display all of the Courses that you've purchased and/or taken and the percentage of the Course you've completed. Use the left or right arrows to toggle through this section and see more Courses.

The Courses page also has a helpful Search bar and Category dropdown menu. These two features allow you to either type in keywords to find a course, or to choose from sections on our site, such as Asana, Ayurveda, Members Only, Yoga Therapy, and more.

For logged in users, Courses, Favorite Classes and/or Teachers, and Recommended content are also visible on special sections of the Homepage.

At this time, any course that you’ve purchased a la carte or received as one of our special promotions cannot be played in our mobile or TV apps. 

We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, however, in terms of a solution, we have a wonderful mobile website while we work on this. To view these courses on our mobile site, please:

  • visit on your mobile browser, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or whatever browser is available for your mobile device
  • log in to your Yoga International account
  • Click on your Courses section 
  • Click on the course
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