Yoga Alliance requires all Registered Yoga Teachers to accumulate at least 30 hours of continuing education every three years, with a maximum of 20 hours logged as non-contact hours. Online hours count toward this requirement! All courses and training qualify for non-contact Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) through Yoga Alliance.

Note: Online content counts toward your contact hours through Dec 31, 2023. If you have taken an online course with YI, you can select "Some Contact Hours."

If you are having issues submitting your certificate to Yoga Alliance:

We contacted Yoga Alliance for guidance on assisting our members in logging their credits. To submit your Continuing Education hours with Yoga Alliance, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and log into your account.

  2. Select "Teacher Dashboard" in the top right corner of the webpage.

  3. On the left, you will see the "Teacher" menu.

  4. Select "My Training Hours."

  5. Scroll down to select the type of course you completed.

  6. Select "In-person with someone who is not a YACEP."

  7. Click "Yes" when the system asks if your provider meets the qualifications.

  8. Then your next question it will ask for the instructor's name. You can list "Yoga International."

  9. Click the check box for "I assert that my Continuing Education Provider meets the above requirements."

  10. Input your "Start Date" and "End Date," as well as the "Continuing Education Activity" and the "Location" of the course.

  11. You will then enter your hours of completion in the educational category chart.

  12. Click "Assert" and "Save" when finished.

Please visit this link for more information about CEUs and how to log them!

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